2018 Lilac Festival Queen Halle

North Central High School

Kim Johnson

2018 VP Royalty

The Royalty Scholarship and Training Program provides an opportunity for outstanding young women to be recognized for their achievements.  Every Spokane County high school is invited to present one senior girl for participation in the SLFA High School Lilac Princess Scholarship and Training Program. Selection of the high school student is decided upon individually at each school.

Each Lilac Princess candidate selected from her high school will participate in a five week royalty preparation course which supports character building and servant leadership with a strengthened focus on community service, integrity, and teamwork. 

The candidates will attend workshops in communication, personal and professional etiquette, resume development, interview skills, military history and protocol and self-defense.

They will participate in community service activities such as Blessings under the Bridge, Salvation Army, Clothe A Child and Second Harvest Food Bank

The training will culminate with individual candidate interviews before a panel of judges who have the very difficult task of determining the 7 members of the Spokane Lilac Festival Royal Court.  The Royal Court will continue training and preparation for coronation and the selection of the Spokane Lilac Festival Queen.

Important Upcoming Dates

Below Are Our Upcoming Parades Royalty Will Be Attending

Slippery Gulch Parade, Tekoa – June 16th

Capital Lakefair, Olympia – July 14th

Seattle SeaFair – July 28th

Hillyard Festival Parade– August 4th

Peach Festival, Penticton – August 11th

Connell Fall Festival – September 8th

Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival, Leavenworth – September 29th

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