Sydnee Stelle

2022 VP Communications

Communications are very important to us here at the Lilac Festival. Our
efforts are a year long effort! We want to keep you up to date on this site
with what we are doing for our military, for our youth, and for our
region! We appreciate your support!

Help Keep Our 84 Year-Old Tradition Alive!

Saturday, May 15th was Armed Forces day and what would’ve been our 83rd annual Armed Forces Torchlight Parade. Of course, we are sad that we aren’t able to celebrate the nations largest torchlight parade in the downtown streets of Spokane but we look forward to later this fall where we hope to team up with the City of Spokane and other organizations for a holiday parade, kicking off the season and celebrating our community. We are also starting to plan the 2022 Spokane Lilac Festival!
In a typical year, we hold many different fundraisers that help us “keep the lights on” and plan our amazing events and Torchlight Parade. One of those fundraisers is our annual telethon which we are unable to do this year. So we are “getting with the times” and trying our hand with a GoFundMe fundraising campaign.
We would love to continue our tradition for years to come and continue to be a part of yours and your family’s lives and traditions…so we need your help. We hope you will consider donating to our Festival so we can strive for our mission statement to “Honor Our Military, Empower Our Youth and Showcase Our Region.”
We can’t wait to see you in the streets of downtown Spokane again soon where we celebrate our beautiful Lilac City and the amazing people in it!  

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