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2021 VP Communications

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MEDIA RELEASE – Monday, February 22, 2021

FOR: Monday, February 22nd, 7:00am/0700

FROM: Spokane Lilac Festival Association

SUBJECT: 2021 Spokane Lilac Festival Update & Court Announcement

The Spokane Lilac Festival announces their 2021 Royalty Scholarship Program Court. Representing area high schools, our 12 Candidates completed over 6 weeks of training and community service.  On Saturday, February 20th, they participated in interviews with judges from around the community who deliberated and selected the coveted 2021 “Destination Spokane” Spokane Lilac Festival Royal Court.  They are:

Lauren Ballantyne – Mt. Spokane High School
Kimberly Ngo, Rogers High School
Elena Rawlins – Lewis & Clark High School
Mindee Phipps – Freeman High School
Carly Bale – West Valley High School
Maddie Ediger – Mead High School
Julia McIntyre – Gonzaga Preparatory High School 

The Court will continue their training process and community volunteer opportunities.  On Saturday, March 20th, one of the 7 Court members will be crowned Queen and a variety of scholarships will be awarded to the entire court.  The 2021 Lilac Festival Queen & Court Coronation will be held on March 20th at Spokane First Church and is open to a limited number of family and friends of the Court members and a livestream link will be available to the public upon registration.

Throughout their time with Lilac, it has been communicated to them the challenges we are facing in 2021. Over the past few months, Spokane Lilac Festival Executive Members have held many discussions and meetings with our local and state officials regarding the possibility of being able to hold our 83rd annual Spokane Lilac Festival.  Due to the current state and federal guidelines regarding events and large gatherings, it became clear that we will not be able to hold our traditional events and Parade in the spring of 2021.

However, we know how important our great Spokane traditions are to both our members and our community.  Traditions such as Bloomsday, Hoopfest, Pig Out in the Park and the Spokane Lilac Festival is what makes Spokane such an amazing place to live and visit!

We are currently working with city officials and downtown organizations to hopefully plan a ‘Holiday Parade’ to kick off the season and welcome back the community to downtown Spokane and celebrate our beautiful city and businesses on Saturday, November 20, 2021!

Specific details will be coming soon!  Please visit our website and social media accounts for more information as it develops.

We are extremely excited and committed to continuing our Festival’s traditions, even if in a temporarily revised form.  It is our hope that the Holiday Parade will be another opportunity for all of us to come together and celebrate both our city, the holiday season and, most importantly, showing that we are a strong and proud community.

Thank you to all of those who have continued to support our Festival, including the Volunteers, Sponsors, our Lilac Directors and most importantly, our amazing Lilac City.

Dan VerHeul
2021 ‘Destination Spokane’ Lilac Festival President

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