Jasmin Davis

2020 CO-VP Hosting

Deb Koch

2020 CO-VP Hosting

What is Hosting?

The Hosting committee coordinates arrangements for visiting dignitaries. Hosting also facilitates arrangements for festival meetings and various events before and during the Lilac Festival.  The function of this division is to plan and arrange all hospitality activities that provide non-parade entertainment.  We schedule and organize all dinners, breakfast, luncheons and the hospitality room as well as extend invitations to out of town festivals to promote attendance throughout the Lilac Festival Week.   

A few weeks prior to the Lilac Festival Week, we organize and host the Royal Tea Party at the Historic Davenport Hotel.  This is a wonderful opportunity for local “Lilac Princess’ in Waiting” to meet our Royalty court, learn proper “afternoon tea” etiquette and participate in a raffle to earn a spot on the Lilac float during the Jr. Lilac Parade.

Royal Tea Party 2020

Sunday, April 26th – 10am & 2pm

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ON NOW! Click on a Tea Time below to purchase tickets. Sale ends Christmas Eve at 11:59pm!

Sponsored by Union Animal Hospital/Affordable Pet Dental Plus

Lilac Art Show 2020

Monday, May 11, 2020
Sponsored by Paint & Pints

Queens Luncheon 2019

Sponsored by Spokane Tribe of Indians

Spokane Lilac Festival Gala 2019

Sponsored by U.S. Bank