Want to Become a Director?

Have you been wondering how to give back to our community?  Many Lilac Festival Directors and volunteers have had this same thought and have found great satisfaction volunteering for the festival.  There are many avenues in our festival for giving back with passionate, competent VPs to help lead the way.  You can volunteer as much as you’d like, or become a director and find a spot in any of our areas on which to focus that suits your interests.  Please peruse the link to the right marked, “Lilac Director Brochure” and get a feel for all the opportunities we offer and then give our office a call for more information if needed.  If you would like to apply to be a Director, please click on the link to the right marked, “Director Application.”  If you would like more information on becoming a Volunteer, check out our Volunteer Page.

Thank you for considering being a part of this grand tradition we call the Spokane Lilac Festival!

‘Destination Spokane’


Dan Ver Heul
2020 President

Alan Hart

  • 2020 Co-VP Parade
  • President-Elect

Russ Brown

  • 2020 Treasurer
  • 2006 Past President

Shelley Sholl
2020 VP Area Relations

Karen Montague

  • 2020 VP Merchandising
  • 2017 Past Co-President

Sam Snow
2020 Co-VP Parade

Kristy Hamby
2020 VP Float
2019 Past President

Angela Wray
2020 Co-VP Community & Military

Dan North
2020 Co-VP Community & Military

Deb Koch
2020 Co-VP Hosting

Jasmin Davis

  • 2020 Co-VP Hosting

Kim Johnson

  • 2020 Co-VP Royalty

Monika Hawkinson

  • 2020 Co-VP Royalty

Lon Gibby

  • 2020 VP Communications


Jason Armstrong

  • Director

Sandy Brown

  • Director
  • Past President 2007

Mike Cressey

  • Director
  • Past President 2015

Toni Ernst

  • Director

Joan Frank


Mike Moore


Clare Patton


Joan Petow

  • Director
  • 2014 Past Co-President

Bill Phillips

  • Director
  • 1999 Past President

Sydnee Stelle

  • Director
  • 2012 Past Queen

Cecelia Stephens

  • Director
  • 2008 Past President
  • 2014 Co-Past President

Kenzie Toner


Cindy Zapotocky

  • Director
  • 2017 Past Co-President

Past Presidents/Sustaining Members

Nancy Cole

  • Sustaining Member
  • 2018 Past President

Marilyn Thordarson

  • Sustaining Member
  • 1989 Past President

Michael Waldrip

  • Sustaining Member
  • 2009 Past President

Arne Weinman
Sustaining Member
2010 Past President

Not Pictured:


Nate Calvert
Jamie Dedmon
Michaelle Guerrero
Brad Hamby
Stacey Kottwitz

Past Presidents/Sustaining Member

  • Denny Kane, 2001 Past President
  • Patrick Kenney, 1969 Past President
  • Don Krause, 1993 Past President
  • Christine Leva, 2013 Past President
  • Richard Logerwell, 2016 Past President
  • Michael Noyes, 2003 Past President
  • Hal Patton, 2012 Past President
  • Guy Perham, 1987 Past President
  • Bob Tallan, 1997 Past President
  • Catherine Tunstall, 2005 Past President
  • Denise Vickerman, 2004 Past President

Sustaining Members

  • Pat Cadagan
  • Mary Cressey
  • Pat Owens
  • Bev Stenson