Community Events

Sandy Brown

2018 VP Area Relations

Upcoming Community Events the Lilac Festival Team Attends:

  • Once we have the 2018 Royalty in place, we will select community events to participate in.  Check back in the spring for the list of events!

Northwest  Festival Hosting Association

The Northwest Festivals Hosting Association was formed in 1981 at the suggestion of Wenatchee Applarian Vice Chancellor Larry Frack.  He suggested that festival hosting groups should get together to discuss problems and share ideas.

The first meeting was held in Seattle at the Camlin Hotel and the main topics discussed were:  (1) Packet prices; (2) recognition and acknowledgements; (3) housing; (4) transportation to and from events.  The meeting was felt to be very helpful and it was decided from then on to continue meeting once a year.

The Association has never been a dues-paying organization.

Northwest Festival Hosting Association    Click here for website link

The Spokane Lilac Festival is a proud member of the Northwest Festival Hosting Group with the following festivals. Click on the festival name to find out more about these outstanding organizations.

Northwest Hosting Festivals in the order they occur:

Daffodil Festival  –  April 8, 2017  Click here website link

Washington State Apple Blossom Festival –  May 6, 2017.  Click here website link

Spokane Lilac Festival –  3rd Saturday in May –  May 19, 2018.  7:45 pm.

Hyack Festival – Westminister BC  Click here website link

Rose Festival – Portland, OR  Click here website link

Strawberry Festival – Marysville, WA  Click here website link

Capital Lakefair – Olympia, WA  Click here website link

Seattle Seafair –  Seattle, WA   Click here website link

Astoria Regotta – Astoria, WA   Click here website link

Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival – Leavenworth, WA Click here website link